Grand Chapter Officers

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W.G.M. 23rdPsalm, W.G.P. Matthew 5 v 16

A 1 M:
Add 1 more: visit a Chapter, District, and Fun event & invite an inactive member

Watch Words:
It’s all about each other

Honoured Station(s):
Esther, Marshal & Sentinel

Crossed Swords, Crossed Batons, Crown & Sceptre

Peacocks – Ancient sign of Royalty, Resurrection. Koala

Have dues card, will travel
Cherish our history, plan our destiny
OES, Yours to Discover
Travel safe with miles of smiles

Fun Emblem(s)
Lady Bugs and Travel mugs

Gold, Ivory & Peacock colours

Centennial Rose, White Rose, Orchids, Cherry Blossoms, Trilliums

Camp Trillium -Rainbow Lake


The Old Rugged Cross, Rainbow Dreams, Let there be Peace on Earth, Piano Parchment
My favourite things, When you wish upon a star, You’ll never walk alone
Theme for the Common Man, Anything by Queen, Beethoven, Mozart

Hallelujah, I’ll be seeing you, Sweet Caroline, It’s a wonderful world, Here I am Lord, Lord of the Dance

Thought for the Day
Are You Friendly Kind Mindful

K eep Star first in your heart

O nly you can make a difference

A ll of us working together in harmony

L et us use our legacy to shape our future

A ll striving to improve our ritual

Matron’s & Patrons: Legacy Matrons & Patrons.
Members: Our Legacy
Grand Chapter Officers: Ambassadors of the Legacy.
Escorts:Koala-fied Keepers of the Legacyla-fied
Past Grand Families: Guardians of the Legacy
50, 60 & 70+ year members: Foundation of our Legacy

Order of the Eastern Star, Ontario, Canada Inc. 2013